Once Upon a Time...

Born and raised in Connecticut, Sonia Chaudhary always admired the way her mother wore traditional clothing in a country that wasn’t home, the USA. Sonia recalls mischievously ripping the sides of her mother’s shirts while she did the dishes and grabbing the edges of her duppata wherever she went. Watching her mother sew while playing with multi-colored spools of thread would lead to something much larger than anyone would have guessed.

In the winter of 2007, Sonia graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Communication Design. While at school, she was able to produce her first runway show and introduce the first Sonia C collection to the public.

Since graduation, she has worked for some of the best design firms in Connecticut and has also built up a substantial client list for her fashion, photography and makeup work.

The women and men Sonia designs for are strong, confident and eclectic. Her collection appeals to people of all ethnicities and prides itself in having “something for everyone.” Her pieces are sought after for their style as well as their affordability in today’s market. Sonia’s custom creations are hand-made works of art to be worn by the high-end fashion lovers. She hopes to continue to create garments that inspire risk, but also evoke tradition that she was able to see in her mother’s clothing as a child.

* Sonia C and her team of tailors / beaders / designers pride themselves in creating all pieces free of any child labor or production.